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REBOUND is an experiential prevention project allowing youth from Southeast Alaska to explore Glacier Bay National Park or other wilderness areas on a week-long kayak expedition. 


Participants learn outdoor survival skills like setting up a camp stove, cooking in the back country, setting up tents, navigation, bear safety, clean camp and respecting the environment. 

REBOUND participants kayak in Glacier Bay. (Photo by Elena Gustafson, SAFV)

Participants also learn the value of connecting across cultures, team building,  leadership, communication skills, goal setting, examining individual and societal patterns, and pushing past their own physical, emotional, and mental limitations. This program uses the outdoor setting to engage youth in conversations on respect for the environment, self, and others.

If you are interested in applying or would like more information, contact Julia Smith, Prevention Director, at


REBOUND is a week-long kayak expedition where youth build leadership skills, strengthen community, and explore Southeast Alaska. 


"Participating in REBOUND gave me a chance to learn about my voice, to learn that it has power and strength, and to learn that it was helpful for others to hear my voice and to hear what I had to say" - Meryl Chew, AWARE, Inc. Shelter Advocate and Former REBOUND participant

In 2015, two groups, one all female and one co-ed, embarked on paddling trips where they developed confidence and leadership skills and learned about respecting themselves and others. 



Video produced by Katie Basile (2015)

In 2013, a group of nine teenage girls and three women from across Alaska and from abroad,   explored the backcountry of Favorite Bay in Juneau. 


Here is an Interview SAFV did with Raven Radio about the program.



Video produced by Anne Brice, SAFV (2013)

REBOUND, 2012. 

Video produced by Katie Basile (2012)


SAFV produced PSAs from audio collected during REBOUND, a week-long kayak trip where teens learn outdoor survival and leadership skills. The PSAs aired on KCAW Raven Radio. Learn more about REBOUND.


REBOUND 2014 PSA 01 -
REBOUND 2014 PSA 02 -
REBOUND 2014 complete PSA -
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