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There is a growing need for men to be equal partners with women in ending domestic violence and sexual assault and promoting a culture of respect within communities. There are numerous opportunities in Alaska for men to work together as allies to end violence, to become positive role models for young men, and to explore healthy masculinity and redefine what it means “to be a man” in our society. 

Read more about our Coaching Boys into Men and Boys Run programs to read more about what SAFV is doing to engage men in its efforts to prevent violence. 


The Alaska Men Choose Respect (AMCR) is a statewide campaign that offers information, networking, tools and opportunities for men to come together as allies to end violence, promote respect, and strengthen Alaskan communities.


The COMPASS toolkit is part of the AMCR campaign. It's a statewide resource for male mentors working with young men to strengthen relationships and explore healthy masculinity. 

The COMPASS toolkit was developed over the past three years as a collaborative effort by leaders and experts across the state. 

COMPASS is a guide with topics and questions for male mentors to use with teenage boys to facilitate conversations around knowing who you are, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, and having respect for yourself and others. The guide itself is small and durable (waterproof and tearproof!) and can be easily incorporated into any outdoor or indoor setting and activity. 


If you are a positive male mentor and would like to use COMPASS to guide discussions with male youth, you can attend a training! The training is organized by the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA) and takes place twice a year, in winter and spring. Here is the Application (if it's not the most recent application, it will be made available a few months before the next training). To get an idea of what the guide is all about, check out this Exerpt

If you would like to be trained in COMPASS or would like more information, please contact our prevention team at

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