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SAFV operates a 24/7 crisis line by staff trained in crisis intervention and domestic violence. SAFV offers confidential support for people in any type of violent situation or with impending safety concerns. 


SAFV is an emergency shelter for those who are current or past survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. 


If someone is a victim of sexual assualt, SAFV can provide trained sexual assault response team advocates for 24/7 support. They can accompany a victim to the hospital and to court, and provide referrals for counseling.


SAFV provides resources for child and teenage victims or witnesses of domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, and neglect. The Children’s Program provides one-on-one advocacy and safety planning for children and parenting support.


SAFV provides a number of legal services, including court accompaniment, assistance with protective orders, referrals to the pro bono attorney program and Alaska Legal Services, and assistance filling out court forms and applications. 

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